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Just a little about me


Hi and thank you for visiting my web site, I'm Alison Burke an Irish Artist currently living in Sydney Australia.

My passion is too paint and explore the human and animal form. I mainly paint acrylic on a spray backing canvas. I have a passion for art and want to share this with others,on their walls and in their homes

My goal is to introduce the joy of decorating walls with eye catching beauty and even normally mundane subjects, and create  interesting pieces to display.

I am aware that my work is wide and varied but do this to cater not so much for a client, but for my ever changing and maturing moods, the progression of my art is also twinned with my own journey in life and what people will take from or enjoy in that is a bonus.


Please feel free to peruse my paintings and if you have any questions or comments just drop me an email. I appreciate feedback of any sort and continue to paint to my personal standard though! 

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