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Human doll goth style
Afghan Girl commissioned painting
Girl holding Pelican under her arm painting
rabbit on a bike painting
Girl with face against her cats face
Child smoking with legs crossed on a chair and chicken beside him
Naked girl with cat painting
3 dogs painting
Clockwork styled girl
Old Man Shaving at the sink painting
Granny on a moped
Lady with cat in arms
Lady in shawl with headpiece on
Topless girl in field of cows
Lady in Cat snood or hood
Girl looking wistfully out the window
Asian Girl in Libruary
Gothic look lady standing on ladder next to horse
Girl listening to a gramaphone
Dark Lady With Chello
Man smoking while playing the piano
Child with gas mask on and doll in her arms
pigs head in butchers window
Two women gossiping over te garden fence during the war
Naked Woman painting leaned back
Depressed clown
Indian and his horse
Old Man with large onion
Girl with skirt blowing up in woind painting
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